After our gig at Oneill's in Maspeth, Queens -

we made it onto the cover of the Queens Ledger!

The copy reads...

"It was an evening of surf tunes, cheap beers and raffles at O'Neills Bar
and Restaurant in Maspeth at the first annual Halfway to Summer Beach Party
on Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014. The event raised recovery funds for
The Friends of Rockaway Beach.


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We made it onto "The Daily Music Break" web site!

The Daily Music Break features good music created by talented people today and
in the past. There is an amazing amount of talent to be seen:
From Leonard Bernstein to Louis Armstrong to Wanda Jackson to House of Pain to unremembered Georgia sharecroppers to Slim Dusty to Nat King Cole to
Alabama Shakes to Aaron Copland and, thankfully, on and on.


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From the GTO Car Show in Northport! So nice!

Hi Guys!
Sorry it took me a few days to get caught up with everything and write to you.
I want to thank you guys for coming out and putting on such an awesome show! 

You guys are FANTASTIC!! We are glad you enjoyed the show and
we hope that you will consider coming back in the future!

Thank you so much!!

The Long Island GTO Club, NY

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This band had lots of fun with their music. Their playfulness
was infectious as they swapped instruments throughout the set.
It was like a musical merry-go-round as the dynamics of songs
shifted when musical instruments changed hands.

—Kate Donohue, Aural Fix Magazine

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These guys are like the
Rolling Stones of surf!

—Jill Ford, WUSB FM Radio

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Coney Island Gig, August 2012

New York Surf City

by delarue

There’s a method to the madness of covering so many outdoor concerts here. At some point in our lifetime, all these shows will be just a memory. Sooner or later at this time in August in New York, it might not be technically impossible to put on an outdoor show, but it’ll be unrealistic to expect anyone to come out into the heat and watch it. For the moment, it’s good that we have Julie Rozar, part of the brain trust behind the snarkily entertaining Alien Surfer Babes and Witches in Bikinis, and Deb Noble of Blue Stingraye Productions, who emceed a summer storm of surf bands Saturday afternoon on the Coney Island boardwalk out in front of the Wonder Wheel. They’d actually scheduled most of these bands for a concert here last year, but then Mayor Bloomberg decided to shut down the city for the “hurricane” which of course never arrived. Was this eclectic lineup worth waiting almost a year for? Depends on your heat tolerance. Even with a nice breeze off the ocean, Coney Island was sweltering, and the show was scheduled to go into the early evening, with Connecticut’s Commercial Interruption followed by Long Island’s Strange But Surf, psychedelic Ohio instrumentalists Purple k’nif the retro, purist Clams, Boston horror surf maniacs Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion and then the ASB’s headlining.

The early part of the show was full of examples of why surf rock is so much fun, and why it’s sometimes so exasperating. Spontaneous dancing was breaking out everywhere, even during at least two versions of Surf City Here We Come (there might have been more as the afternoon went on, you never know). Both Commercial Interruption and Strange But Surf write good original songs: they don’t have to fall back on cheeseball covers like that. There’s unfortunately a bunch of those in the surf repertoire along with classics like Misirlou (Strange But Surf’s closing tune) and Pipeline (Commercial Interruption opened with that one: since they’ve got a keyboard, their version was especially cool, in the spirit of the original). Since their songs don’t usually have lyrics, surf bands have to get over on music alone, which explains why so many good players end up becoming part of the surf music cult.

Strange But Surf’s originals were also the highlight of their roughly 45-minute set, as they switched instruments, had fun putting their own spin on the Ramones’ “hey ho, let’s go,” sped up Lee Hazlewood’s spaghetti western theme Baja to a gallop, unearthed Where the Action Is (a mid-60s Dick Clark show theme) and turned Marbles, their drummer loose on guitar and vocals on The Martians Are Pissed. After swooshing their way through the Avengers Theme, Link Wray’s grandson joined them for a surprise appearance on guitar for The Rumble: as far as brushes with surf rock royalty go, it doesn’t get much more personal than that. There’s another free show here on August 18 with Witches in Bikinis headlining at 7.

The surf didn’t stop when the tide came up and the sun went down, either. Since this was the first Saturday of the month, tireless promoter Unsteady Freddie was putting on his monthly surf show at Otto’s. By half past eleven, the Tarantinos NYC had taken the stage. They’re an unlikely-looking bunch – jazz drummer, metal guitarist, rock bassist and pop keyboardist – but they have the kind of chemistry that comes from constant gigging and the kind of diverse, cinematic sound their name implies. And they don’t just do songs from Tarantino movies: this particular show featured a lot of unpredictable, anthemic originals, a digression into Link Wray like the one on the boardwalk earlier in the day but with a lot more alcohol involved, and finally a majestically lurid version of Henry Mancini’s You Only Live Twice.



Review of "Swimming in Reverb"

on Gravediggers Local

"Due to its mix of content, Swimming in Reverb
is a great way to ease a traditional surf fan into the realm of spooky"