Surf music,

the final frontier,

these are the voyages of

Strange But Surf,

their never-ending mission,

to explore strange new music,

to seek out new fans and

new civilizations,

to boldy go where no

band has gone



Strange But Surf has been an established surf-rock band on Long Island since 2003. They play at venues across New York and appear regularly at Otto’s Shrunken Head - a renowned surf & tiki club in NYC.


On January 30, 2015 at "The Space" in Westbury, NY - Strange But Surf opened for the world's greatest party band - The B-52s!


That was an incredible night - but was topped the following night, when they opened for them again at the legendary "Capitol Theater" in Port Chester, NY.


The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan are just some of the incredible musicians that have graced that stage.


They have released 3 albums, “Making Treble”, “Swimming in Reverb”, and in 2017, "Stranger Than Ever". They also appear on the surf compilation CD “Off the Deep End” by Deep Eddy Records. These talented musicians make every gig an event, surprising their fans with a constantly inventive and evolving repertoire.